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NeoFiNext is a FinTech Startup specializing in algorithmic trading solutions. Our mission is to empower our customers, unlocking their full potential to thrive within fair and efficient markets.

NeoFiNext uses a set of technologies to design and build best-in-class algorithms: Data Analysis, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Frequency Trading (HFT), and enhancement of proven algorithms.

We serve Institutions and Retail Traders who need solutions for their daily trading and operations.

Focused on Foreign Exchange

Our algorithms work on different classes of assets, but we are focusing on FOREX for now: the world's largest and most liquid asset market. We offer fully automated and assisted solutions.

Why us?
At NeoFiNext, our pioneering solutions fuse proven algorithms with the expertise of traders and cutting-edge technologies. We meticulously refine our algorithms through rigorous back-testing, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to precisely calibrate parameters—whether statically or dynamically.

Our unwavering focus lies in risk management. As an illustration, our recommendation entails utilizing M3 with a strict cap of 1% daily performance, maintaining an average drawdown of 1%, and a maximum drawdown limited to 5%. This disciplined approach safeguards your investments with unparalleled precision and resilience.

We subject our algorithms to a robust track record strategy. Specifically for FOREX, we craft a multifaceted approach across multiple pairs, employing diverse parameter settings that we diligently adhere to for extended periods, spanning several months.


NeoFiNext has a deep understanding of the business and the right technologies to use to bring more value to our customers.


The Quality of our Team with the right mindset is a game changer.


Always listening, we are committed to our customers and establish long-term relationships.


We are a startup, agile and flexible. We deliver High-end solutions with the right Time to Market.

Retail Traders
NeoFiNext bridges the gap between Retail Traders and Professional Traders, empowering retail traders to operate with the finesse of professionals through the utilization of cutting-edge algorithms and innovation. NeoFiNext amalgamates the invaluable expertise of professional traders into their algorithms, encapsulating their years of experience within the trading landscape.

Like professional traders, Retail trades can benefit from an array of resources and tools, encompassing advanced trading platforms, sophisticated research and analysis tools, and direct access to comprehensive market data and news feeds. These advantages contribute significantly to their ability to discern market trends and seize opportunities swiftly.

NeoFiNext's approach recognizes that being a professional trader isn't solely defined by the size of one's account; rather, it's rooted in the strategic behavior and tools leveraged. By integrating professional trading wisdom into their algorithms, NeoFiNext empowers retail traders to harness similar techniques, enabling them to navigate markets with sophistication and agility, transcending the limitations traditionally associated with retail trading.

Our copy trading solutions
The simplest way to start, no skills & no VM required, no setup fees.

Signal: SBM OP15 / Low risks

Signal: SBM OP16 / High risks

Signal: SBM OP17 / Medium risks

Signal: SBM OP18 / Medium risks

Signal: SBM OP19 / Low risks

Signal: SBM OP20 / Medium risks

Signal: SBM OP22 / Medium risks

Signal: SBM OP25 / Medium risks

Signal: SBM OP26 / Medium risks

Our software solutions
NeoFiNext developed it's own products after years of R&D to offer solutions tailored for the FOREX market, enabling both fully automated and assisted modes of operation. These solutions include everything from installation and setup, regular updates, training, and dedicated customer support.

> Assisted & Fully Automated trading on your own computer or VM
> Finetune 200 parameters to match your requirements & targets
High quality historical data to backtest your strategy with real market data with 99.99% precision.

> Annual subscription: $10,000
> Recommended minimum investment: $50,000

Our proprietary algorithms
Our algorithms serve as the cornerstone of our offerings. You have the option to utilize them by effortlessly copying the signal or downloading our software to trade by yourself. Here below are M3 and SBM, two of the algorithms developed by our team.


M3: MeanMotionMaster

Fully automated high frequency trading (up to 200 trades/day)

M3 is a mean reversion algorithm that harnesses the concept of leverage and makes it work in your favor. M3 is one of the most performant FX trading algorithms on the market.

200 parameters to finetune to match your requirements & targets 
> Live news filter to protect from major events
> Trade of multiple pairs simultaneously to diversify on uncorrelated assets
> Emergency breakeven system to protect your capital
Automated Trailing system to maximize your profits
High quality historical data to backtest your strategy with real market data


SBM: SuperBigMac

Fully automated confluence (up to 10 trades/day)

SBM is a confluence algorithm based on patterns detection and indicators. Trades are open only when market conditions are the safest and with the most potential for reversion.

> 16 algorithms used in confluence
40 parameters to finetune to match your requirements & targets 
> Live news filter to protect from major events
> Trade of multiple pairs simultaneously to diversify on uncorrelated assets
> Emergency breakeven system to protect your capital
Automated Trailing system to maximize your profits
High quality historical data to backtest your strategy with real market data


Collaborating closely with our institutional clients, we provide tailored solutions specifically crafted for the FOREX markets.

Our focus is on understanding and meeting our clients' unique needs, always prioritizing the mutual benefit of all involved parties.

NeoFiNext leverages the collective talent of our team, cutting-edge computational methods, and top-tier research infrastructure to swiftly and effectively analyze extensive market data.

This approach maximizes the performance of our proprietary trading algorithms.

Solution co-development

We privilege a solution Co-development approach. We collaborate with institutions to design and build the right solutions. This collaborative effort involves sharing resources, knowledge, expertise, and responsibilities to create the solution.

Co-development offers several benefits:
> Shared expertise: Pooling knowledge and skills result in a more robust and innovative solution.
> Faster development: With multiple entities working simultaneously, development timelines can be reduced.
> Risk-sharing: The risks associated with solution development, such as financial risks or technical challenges, can be distributed among the collaborating parties.
> Diverse perspectives: Various stakeholders bring different viewpoints, leading to a more comprehensive and refined end product.

NeoFiNext has experience in co-development, which requires effective communication, clear goal alignment, and a well-defined collaboration framework to ensure success.

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Our team

Talents are the keystone of NeoFiNext. Our team comprises professionals with diverse expertise:
> Market trading experts
> Senior developers specializing in cutting-edge solutions like Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), High-Frequency Trading (HFT), and Mathematics.
> Customer relationship managers are deeply attuned to understanding customer requirements.

Each team member brings extensive experience from years in the financial industry, including roles at major banks, Fintech companies, and Funds

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